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Glasnevin Cemetery. 1916 Wall defaced in act of vandalism.

New Necrology Wall in Glasnevin defaced in act of vandalism. Paint splattered on the list of names to honour the dead.

Paint thrown at the new Necrology Wall at Glasnevin Cemetery commemorating all who died in 1916.

Here at Jennings Funeral Directors, we work in deep sensitivity around the wishes of the bereaved family in how their relative’s actual names are commemorated, and so this kind of news from the Glasnevin Trust resonates deeply with Funeral Directors.

Necrology: according to the Oxford Dictionary: An obituary notice; a list of the dead.

The recent images of paint splattered on a wall of names to historically honour our dead; it brings up all sorts of emotions for people going through loss.

Glasnevin Trust do an extraordinary job in terms of looking after the person who has just passed away, helping the funeral arrangements go smoothly and all kinds of behind the scenes attentive efficiency. While at the same time, Irish history is being honoured on a daily basis because of how the vision behind Glasnevin Museum means that people from all over the world can find significant historical context in Glasnevin Cemetery with its deeply rooted links going back to Daniel O’Connell’s time.

So much thought and consideration went into the erection of a Necrology Wall during the 1916 centenery in 2016. It’s an inclusive roll call of all who died. Accuracy with names and dates was considered very important also.

As Jennings Funeral Directors, we take great care with names. The spelling of a surname on a newspaper obituary notice. The way names are spelt can vary so much. At Jennings, we liaise with the bereaved family about all this. Clare with a i or not? Did Gráinne use a fada? Owen or Eoin? The list goes on, names can be uncertain, but one thing is sure. It matters deeply to the family who have just lost a beloved relative.

At Jennings Funeral Directors, we check, and we re-check. This is traditional long-standing policy no matter which branch of Jennings you visit – Five Lamps in Amien St,  Jennings of Raheny,  Oscar Trayor Rd in Coolock, or Jennings of Blancardstown Village.  We request that all newspapers and publications send us proof copies of all death notices, so we can check them before publication. As Funeral Directors, we know it’s our job to make sure your details are correct. It’s not the kind of thing people think about too much. Nobody likes to focus on how a name looks on the breast-plate of a coffin. But at Jennings, we also know that if a person’s name is wrong, that gets somehow stamped on the mind in a very upsetting way.

Funeral tributes matter. Our given names matter, linking as they do with our lives and our families. A necrology wall, a crematorium wall, a funeral arrangement death notice, a headstone on a grave, the name laid out correctly – all of this connects with dignity and respect in how we honour our dearly departed.


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