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Burial and Cremation

The most widely chosen option in Ireland is still burial of a loved one, although cremation is increasing in popularity.

There is not a big cost variant between burial and cremation, although people mistakenly think the latter may cost less.

The real difference in cost only occurs if a family must purchase a new grave plot for a recently deceased person.

Your Jennings Undertaker can provide you with detailed information on cost options, regulations and will organise the purchase of a plot for you if necessary.

There are three Crematoria in Dublin. They are located in Glasnevin; Mount Jerome and at Newlands Cross.

There are many options for burial purposes all over Dublin, depending on where you live. Your Jennings Funeral Director will research the availability at various cemeteries for you.

Burial Plot Details

Burial grounds (cemeteries) in Ireland are the responsibility of the local authorities who appoint a registrar or caretaker to manage the sale of plots in that site, and in some cases to maintain the burial ground.

Parishes operate some burial grounds while local groups also operate burial grounds. If you want to purchase a burial plot, you can contact your local authority to get contact details.

However, many funeral directors, such as Jennings, will offer to handle the purchase of burial plots as part of their package of funeral services.

It is important to point out that many burial grounds or graveyards in Ireland are already full, and there may be restrictions on the pre-purchase or buying in advance of burial plots, such as limiting advance buying to those over 65 years of age.

All burials must be registered with the local authority and the location of the grave noted. This is done by the people who manage the graveyard.


There are some very specific regulations governing the location and layout of cemeteries and burial plots.

• Grave spaces must be clearly and permanently marked
• Grave spaces have to be at least nine feet long by four feet wide or at least six feet long by three feet wide in the case of children under twelve.
• At the time of the first interment or burial at a grave space, it should be sunk to a depth of at least eight feet or to a lesser depth as decided by the County Medical Officer if the sub-soil does not allow for a depth of eight feet.

Family Graves

It is permissible to reopen a grave in order to bury a member of the same family, but a space of at least one foot above the previous burial must be left. Generally, it is possible to bury three to four persons in each grave space.


It is possible to design a headstone yourself or hire a sculptor to make it for you, but, if you prefer your Jennings Funeral Director will arrange the construction and installation of a headstone for you. He will also seek the necessary permission.
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