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Funeral Flowers – Phone: 00353 1 836 3282 – Death Notices in a New Era – How Jennings Funeral Directors utilise this great resource to help their funeral services across Jennings network of community branches.

From Raheny to Ringsend – funerals have a slow traditional timeliness along  the history of Dublin city streets – but in our new superhighway of internet travel – information on funeral arrangements is like a procession across cyberspace in seconds. – A Website Respectfully Dedicated to Death Notices.

As a popular online funeral resource for Death Notices and related funeral information – has rapidly become an invaluable source of funeral arrangements and times – a great help in a country like Ireland where attendance at funerals is deeply important to all concerned. For the families in the pain of bereavement, the participation of friends makes a huge difference – whether that’s at the Reposal, Removal, Funeral Mass, or Service, the support of friends brings solace to the bereaved family and a need met for the friend who wishes to be there for them, to pay respects and honour the life of the recently deceased person. now plays an important role in funeral arrangements:

As a matter of course now (and courtesy), Jennings Funeral Directors, like most Undertakers, will always ask the bereaved family if they would like to have a death notice published on

The courtesy element for Jennings is that they don’t pass this funeral cost onto the family but pay that charge themselves directly to

The Website guidelines requires that only a Funeral Director can publish the death notice on behalf of the family onto the website. And when you think of it – the immediacy is very effective – a Jennings Funeral Director in Dublin might have just confirmed the Church Mass time with Our Lady Mother of Divine Grace Church on the Howth Road in Raheny – and fifteen minutes later, a cousin of the deceased gentleman who lives in Rathmore Co. Kerry is reading the death notice on – giving all the funeral arrangements, including a little map of the Raheny area highlighting the church. You will also see the phone number of the Funeral Director who is looking after the deceased person.

The online map changes, of course, depending on where the funeral is taking place – so for example Jennings Undertakers might have a funeral tomorrow in Aughrim Street Church, and the map will show the exact location and lots of Dublin 7 landmarks around there, such as Oxmanstown Road and out towards the Phoenix Park. Going to a funeral is an emotional journey – the right map and a good funeral director will at least take the stress away.

A website like is a great bonus in a country like Ireland which allocates great importance and gravity on the days and times for Funeral, Wakes, Reposing Burials and Cremations.

On one level, you’d say to yourself, how did we manage before we could log on to

But on another level of Irish life – this excellent website is not out to spell the kiss of death to the old reliable methods of newspaper notices – but rather sits as respectfully alongside the newspaper notices as a quiet elderly man might in the church pew waiting patiently to pass his condolences to the family after the passing of his life-long friend.

No matter where we go for our information, what we have in common is the need for vital answers to funeral questions in that sad procession of days after bereavement takes place:

  1. What day and what time is the Funeral Mass?
  2. Is there a Removal to the Church the night before?
  3. Is the house private?
  4. Where will the Reposal take place?
  5. Will the deceased person be laid out in the Funeral Home or in the family residence?
  6. Are Funeral Flowers appropriate?
  7. If it’s family flowers only, have the bereaved family made suggestions in the death notice about donations in lieu of flowers to a charity of their choice?
  8. Which Funeral Director is looking after the arrangements?


Death Notices

Answers to all this, including direct telephone numbers to the Funeral Directors are available on the website which is quite easy to negotiate. Of course, not every funeral will be published online – Jennings will always offer the service – but occasionally a family might choose not to publish a death notice at all – perhaps the deceased person is from outside Ireland and is being taken to their native place for burial. Or maybe an elderly deceased person is already pre-deceased by all his family.

Mark of Respect

Jennings can often help over the phone if you know someone has passed away and you wish to attend the service but have no information about funeral times. But it’s rare enough not to have a death notice published on – and so between the way Funeral Directors embrace cutting edge IT to give you ever more efficient service – and websites like – the new technology delivers both a marker of progress but more importantly for Funerals – a mark of respect as we celebrate the lives of those gone before us.

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