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Making the Funeral Arrangements – FAQs including Funeral Costs

Funeral Directors Guidance – FAQ’s

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After a death in the family, how do we know who is responsible for making the funeral arrangements?

Legally, it is the Executor of the deceased who is responsible for arranging and organising the funeral. This is in the case where the deceased – has made a will naming somebody as the Executor.  However, if there is agreement all round, then the funeral responsibility can be handed over (or shared) with the next-of-kin, –  Your Funeral Director will expand on this for you and clarify important points – such as the following important funeral detail to bear in mind:

Meeting the Funeral Director

The person who signs the Funeral Director’s Estimate form (not necessarily a family member) – is the person who is officially responsible for the funeral account. In the case of a cremation, only the executor or the next of kin can sign the Application for Cremation Form. Phone your Funeral Director for expert guidance on this.

Here is a small example of a typical Jennings Funeral Director’s experience and the kind of questions that arise in a Funeral Director’s day:

An elderly lady passes away in a nursing home in Dublin. She has a large caring extended family.  Her eldest son John lives and works in New York – he phones Jennings to explain his problem. John is the Executor of his Mam’s will.  But his four sisters wish to come in today to begin the funeral arrangements even though John won’t be home for two days.  We can assure him that this is normal procedure, and no problem whatsoever.  

At Jennings Funeral Directors, we would often arrange funerals where the deceased person has not made a Will.  Don’t be alarmed if you find yourself in this situation – your Funeral Director will reassure and guide you through the various options involved.

Funeral Costs – Your Jennings Funeral Director will give you a detailed written estimate during your meeting to make the funeral arrangements. 

How much does a funeral cost?

Jennings Funeral Directors are deeply aware that questions of funeral costs can cause a lot of stress and worry to families already suffering the trauma of bereavement.

Funeral costs – it might not be the first question asked by a family coming in  to arrange a funeral, but a good intuitive Funeral Director understands that they have a duty of care to the family to help them arrange a funeral within their budget.

Basically, the family determines the cost of the funeral to a large extent.  Keep that in mind  – your Funeral Director will help you to arrange a funeral in line with your budget – and that clear fact can diminish the stress in this time of bereavement.

So – your Funeral Director will explain all the options available to you for a meaningful funeral – and the costs of each of those options. Once you have decided on the funeral arrangements you would like, the Funeral Director will complete an Estimate of the funeral costs and explain the breakdown of those costs with you.  The first thing to bear in mind is that all funerals have two strands to the pricing:

1) The Funeral Directors costs.

2) The third-party costs, which are generally fixed prices for the various services such as cemetery costs, grave purchase or grave openings, cremation or crematorium costs, and church service fees. Other third-party costs can depend on your choices – newspaper notice costs, funeral service music, and funeral flowers.

Funeral Directors Duty In Caring For The Deceased

Is Embalming necessary?

There is no legal requirement to carry out embalming unless the deceased is leaving the state. However, if the family wish to view the deceased, then the Funeral Director will explain the benefits of embalming to the family. –

Embalming and preparation is linked to that most human desire at the core of most families to prepare the most meaningful funeral tribute possible for their beloved relative.  Our embalming team holds the best qualifications in the field – Jennings professional embalming staff maintains the highest level of presentation standards for the deceased in their care.  Nothing can alleviate the pain of loss, but in Jennings we see it every day where the family take some comfort in spending time with the deceased – reposing times can be extended – where embalming means that their beloved relative can have their appearance restored enough for presentation, either to the immediate family or the wider community.

Embalming also helps a little in diminishing some of the intense shock of bereavement and death – because embalming means that there is no rush to have the funeral immediately – this gives the family the option of time to catch their breath, liaise with their Funeral Director and take time to make the right decision for them about how their family funeral service might proceed.  And Reposal times – whether that’s in the funeral home – or whether the undertaker brings the deceased back to the family home – that can be worked out in a way that suits the family most of all

I have relatives coming from America and England. We are not sure yet of flight times or days. Will there be a problem delaying the funeral – maybe over a week?

No. Delaying the funeral won’t be a problem.  Developments in effective embalming techniques offer the family more options.  After embalming and preparation has taken place, the family is free to choose what day suits them best to have their funeral service, or services.  At all our Dublin branches of Jennings Funeral Directors, flexibility is key.

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